About UsefulTulips

UsefulTulips.org is a website which explores utility use cases of cryptocurrency around the world. Charts shown on this website are derived from trading data of the world's most popular peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading websites. Articles and tweets explaining the underlying phenomena behind the data are provided on medium and twitter.


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A Special Thanks to:

  • dlab.vc, for providing the original sponsorship to get this website and research off the ground. If you have a good idea for the blockchain space, you won't find a cooler and more genuine team to provide mentorship and funding for bringing that idea to the next level.
  • Paxful, for providing continued sponsorship and for inviting me to their offices in New York and Estonia,
  • LocalBitcoins, for inviting me to spend a week with them in Finland.
  • David Warren, for created a new logo
  • Marina Spindler (@MarinaSpindler), for providing Spanish Translation
  • Howard Peng (@Howard_Pen3), for providing Chinese Translation

The research and data provided by this website has been featured and/or cited by the New York Times, Financial Times, CNBC, CNN, Yahoo Finance, the Human Rights Foundation, Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and others.